VOGSY is the Google Cloud solution to plan, track and optimize your projects. Resource planning, revenue forecasting and collaboration tools: check, check, check.

  • Track your project’s health in real-time with schedule, budget, margin and completion status gauges in your project view. 
  • Know when your projects are deviating from the schedule or budget with notification alerts and forecasting indicators. 
  • VOGSY automatically captures project milestones, alerting project team members when a milestone has been met.
  • Quickly see how many hours are spent, planned and left to schedule in the VOGSY Gantt planning view.
  • Identify the best people for the job with auto-generated resourcing suggestions that factor in skill and availability. 
  • Avoid overbooking with a color-coded heat map showing who’s available and who’s maxed out. 
  • Track employee hours on one screen to ensure work is distributed evenly.
  • Adapt to changing deadlines and project needs on the fly with real-time utilization data at your fingertips.

Want $300 in Google Cloud credits to start VOGSY?  

Real-time project reporting.

Get Google good at resource management.

No-nonsense task management.

  • Link time tracking, budgeting and billing to projects for a seamless workflow. 
  • Start the task timer and automatically update timesheets, budgets and margins. 
  • Organize your to-do list and prioritize by status with at-a-glance due dates. 
  • Track what’s been done and what hasn’t in Gantt chart timelines.
  • Track budgets, time, expenses and estimated vs. actual costs on past and present projects.
  • Understand your true margins calculated in real time—no more guesswork. 
  • Integrate VOGSY with Quickbooks or Xero and schedule billing with automated invoices so you’re never missing revenue. 

VOGSY makes it easy for professional services businesses to manage projects from quote to cash with one source of engagement

Track and control all parts of the project lifecycle from budgeting to invoicing, eliminating solos between project management, accounting and sales. 

Sync with your critical tools.

Drive down revenue leaks, drive up profitability. 

What else does                do?

As the only professional services automation solution completely integrated with G Suite, VOGSY lets innovators keep using Gmail, Google Docs and other G Suite apps. But there’s a whole lot more you can do.


  • VOGSY automatically creates the file structure for your projects—and the quotes and invoices that go with them—in Google Drive.
  • Easily share and access files attached to your projects.
  • Connect project managers, sales and accounting in real time with instant messaging and task management—no more email tag. 
  • Get everyone on the same page with at-a-glance project data and notifications.

Built-In Collaboration. Everyone on the same page.

VOGSY planning, G Suite.
Project management made simple. 

  • Forecast revenue and predict whether you’re meeting financial targets.
  • Track targets in hours, sales rate or percentage with quick-view billability charts
  • View financial KPI charts for revenues, COGS, company costs and your bottom line. 
  • Understand which customers are contributing the most to your company revenue and which ones are costing more than you think.

Track company health.

— Ivar Davids, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Kirkman Company

The only professional services automation software for G Suite.

Simple, smart and secure, just like G Suite.

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Seamlessly integrate project management with business tools like QuickBooks, Xero, Copper, Salesforce, Jira, HubSpot and Zapier.


"Apart from running our projects and managing our resources, invoicing, etc., we also have a lot more visibility with a lot less hassle.”

Confirm your subscription by clicking on Subscribe and Activate. Use your G Suite account to complete the activation and follow the VOGSY onboarding steps.

Ready to help your team reach their highest potential? 

Make sure that you are signed in with your G Suite domain account. Then go to cloud.google.com and click ‘Get Started for Free’. 

Get $300 in credits and access VOGSY on Google Cloud by following these easy steps:

Step 1:

After signing up, you can use the top left menu to go to the Marketplace. Search for VOGSY, and Subscribe. 

Step 2:

Step 3:

Who uses VOGSY professional services automation software? 

Marketing Agencies 

Design Firms

 Content Shops 

Full Service Agencies

Advertising Firms

Digital Agencies

Software Development

Creative Agency 

IT Services

Financial Services

Legal Services 

Accounting Services